Man Almost Loses His Hand to a Circular Saw

Man Almost Loses His Hand to a Circular Saw

A circular saw cut off Neil’s arm this year. Neil Woodrow and his wife, Katherine, worked on finishing a building in their church when his sweatshirt’s sleeve got caught in the circular saw. The circular saw then dragged his left arm into the circular saw and ended up amputating his arm.

The incident happened in March. With time, Neil stated that there had been sunny and rainy times. The rainy times were when the incident occurred. He says that the fear of losing his arm, the sadness of receiving disappointing news, his wife’s lack of sleep, and to top it all, the surge of coronavirus cases in the country made it difficult for anyone to visit him.

Despite the rain, he stated that he has a lot of things to be thankful for. Some of these moments were when his wife called emergency help services, which gave him the strength to put pressure on his wound using the tourniquet. Lucky for him, the air emergency team came to his rescue immediately who then took him to Derriford Hospital where he received medical attention.

Air ambulance services began a program that would raise funds for all of Devon’s patients who need immediate medical attention. After spending ten days in the hospital, Neil was full of happiness to reunite with his wife and be out of the hospital. He was set to continue with his outpatient services at Exeter Hand Rehabilitation unit. He describes the exercises to be difficult and hurtful.

After six months, he was delighted to lift a reel of tape with the amputated arm. At 19 weeks, he was told of his ulna bone being cured completely. He said that his healing is a gradual process, and he is hopeful for his recovery journey. He also thanked the church and his family for their support.

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