Gloucestershire Hospitals Break Their Record for Waiting List Number

Gloucestershire Hospitals Break Their Record for Waiting List Number

Hospitals in Gloucestershire have made a new record with their waiting lists. By the end of March, there were 56,533 people in the waiting list for elective treatment, according to NHS England. Elective treatment, which means that patients can book surgeries in advance because they are not of any medical emergency, is scheduled.

Numbers have begun recording in August of 2007 and since then, this has been the highest number ever recorded. However, it should be noted that November of 2006 is the first month where the trust has given data to NHS England. The trust runs the hospitals of the county.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust released a statement through their spokesperson. The spokesperson said that the trust fully acknowledged that the national standards were not met and that it was determined to correct this. All the while, British Medical Association (BMA) said that the system was now in what they would call as deep crisis.

The target is that 92 percent of the waiting list would have to be waiting for less than 18 weeks, but at the end of March, only 79.7 percent of them had been doing so. This has been the worst performance of the Trust since August 2007 when only 78.1 of the patients in the waiting list had been waiting for less than 18 weeks for treatment. Also, at the end of March, the Trust had 95 patients for more than one year for treatment.

Cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, neurology, and gynecology are among the specialties wherein the Trust had the highest records of patients in waiting list for.

Meanwhile, on a bigger scale, the number of people who were waiting to see a consultant across England has reached 4.23 million in March, which is the highest number since the records had begun in 2007.

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