Cornwall’s New Coronavirus Cases Dropped By A Quarter Last Week

Cornwall’s New Coronavirus Cases Dropped By A Quarter Last Week
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The enhanced protocols during the lockdown in Cornwall have finally resulted in a decreased number of new cases. The Island of Scilly and Cornwall has only registered one thousand five hundred ninety-four new patients in the past seven days or last week. This is actually four hundred eighty fewer cases compared to their previous two week’s data, and it indicated a twenty-three percent overall reduction.


Currently, Cornwall has a total of two hundred eight cases per a hundred thousand people within the area. Again, this proves a significant change from three hundred sixty-one cases per one hundred thousand people last Wednesday. The statistical data has sparked optimism among Cornwall’s citizens, but despite the excellent message, local authorities have always been maintaining strict health protocols and measures.


The positive news has not changed anything yet. Although the new cases among specific areas in Cornwall are still increasing, the sudden drop should serve as a motivation for local government units that freeing Cornwall from the health threats is not impossible as long as they remain participative and cooperative. Here are the specific numbers of cases in every Cornwall’s area:


Camborne is having the highest number of total cases that spread across Camborne South with 26 cases, Camborne West with 31 cases, and Camborne East with 42 cases. This data indicates an increase of 18 new cases last week.


Helston has remained the highest cluster despite having its cases drop from ninety-four on Monday down to eighty today.


Truro also has a total of 84 new cases from its three area clusters, including Truro Central and South with 21 cases, Truro East with 31 cases, and Truro West with 32 cases. This report indicates a drop from one hundred four cases last week, Wednesday.


Newquay, the area with the highest cases before, also continued to drop its figures. Specifically, there are 25 cases in Newquay West and 21 cases in Newquay East.





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