Conspiracy Theorists Convinced Cornish Businesses to Reopen and Breach Lockdown

Conspiracy Theorists Convinced Cornish Businesses to Reopen and Breach Lockdown
Joan The wad Polperro/Own work

Despite government implementations and strict health protocols, there are still Cornwall citizens grouping together in the hopes of spreading awareness of their coronavirus conspiracies. These groups are coronavirus deniers who constantly put efforts into their anti-lockdown protests across Cornwall. They organized a grand reopening of several business establishments to breach lockdown implementations.

While encouraging other people to breach restrictions, they also told them they wouldn’t be fined. The conspiracy group is organizing the “grand opening” through Telegram. Telegram is an online messaging platform that offers a user-to-user messaging feature, which allows the group to pursue their plans without the authorities’ cognizance.

The messaging app is famous among white supremacists and conspiracy theorists because it helps them initiate and organize their malicious activities. These groups have long used Telegram to spread anti-vaccination information and conspiracies about the coronavirus disease in the hopes of convincing business people to reopen their business establishments on January 30 Saturday. This is to launch their protest against lockdown protocols, which they termed as “scam.”

These groups did not believe in the existence of any of the things happening in their surroundings. They denied the existence of COVID-19 and that every piece of information the government disseminated to the public are lies. The group members weren’t anonymous and could be easily identified by anyone using the sent “join link.”

The primary person or the leader taking charge of the Cornwall conspiracy group said that she aims to empower local businesses by convincing them to reopen during the lockdown. She claims that the lockdown legislation is merely unlawful.  Thus, she and her group encouraged people to inform local businessmen that they will no longer be charged even when they reopen because they are protected by “common law.” Sadly, the common law that they claimed to be protecting them from being charged is a myth.

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