Jim McColl from The Beechgrove Garden Finally Retires

Jim McColl from The Beechgrove Garden Finally Retires

After forty years of being part of The Beechgrove Garden, Jim McColl finally retires from the show.

At the age of 83, McColl said that he is just quitting because of old age, but that does not mean that he has lost his love and passion for plants.

McColl will announce his final retirement this Thursday night on The Beechgrove Garden.

The green-thumb presenter said: “It is time I retired, not because I have lost any interest in gardening or my enthusiasm for gardening, but just because I’m getting old.”

McColl will turn 84 on his next birthday, and he said that he might not be able to be as active as he was years ago in the show.

The presenter has been on the show since the year  1978 when The Beechgrove Garden first began, but he just recently revealed that he has a so-called “neuropathy thing”, and this has left his hands struggling to hold gardening tools.

McColl further explained that as a TV personality, one of the things that he wants to do on the show is to do his job properly. However, over the course of the years, things have been different.

Nevertheless, we will always remember McColl for his TV show catchphrase “Every day’s a school day”.

According to Gwyneth Hardy, the show’s producer, it is now the end of McColl’s era, and it’s time for him to hand over the trowel.

Beechgrove producer Hardy said that it was a heavy decision for McColl as he is very passionate about sharing all his knowledge about gardening.

Hardy said: “He said to me recently that gardening is like breathing for him; it’s an everyday activity.”

Hardy has worked with McColl for more than two decades, and according to the producer, it has been a privilege and honour to have worked with a Scottish cultural icon who is humble enough to not see himself as such.

The Beechgrove Garden will continue with George Anderson, Carole Baxter, and Brian Cunningham. Kirsty Wilson will also be around as the newcomer.

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