Gardening No Child’s Play in Bristol

Gardening No Child’s Play in Bristol
As summer is nearing by, many are looking to spruce up their gardens and add that fresh element to their property in the coming months. But, owning a front lawn doesn’t necessarily give one the right to do anything on the property. As the home & garden experts remind us, if you are living in the city, chances are, you might have an annoying neighbor that never gets off the recliner. If you are getting into disputes about your territorial boundaries, you definitely need to be aware of these legal grounds on the basis of which you can pursue action against them. While it is essential to be aware of these legal rights, one should always try and pursue a friendly neighborly resolution before calling in the legal hotshots. Here are some of those rights, a person should know:
  1. Trimming of Branches – You are allowed to trim a tree or bush overhanging in your property as long as you remain within your property boundaries.
  2. Possession of branches and hedges – Your neighbor has the right to ask for the trimmed branches and hedges, even if they are on your property.
  3. Windfall fruit – The neighbor’s permission is required to keep the neighbor’s windfall fruit that blew into your lawn.
  4. Planting trees – One should not plant a tree which would block a window receiving sunlight for more than 20 years.
  5. Property boundaries – The responsibility of maintaining the fences should be mentioned in the property deed, if not at all.
  6. Hot tubs – The installation of hot tubs in your lawn should not cause any disturbance to the neighbors or other people around you.
  7. Smoke – One might be well breaking the law when barbequing every weekend on their porch.
  8. Trampolines – They should not be placed in such a way that they invade your neighbor’s privacy.
Make sure you maintain a healthy relationship with your neighbor and always solve disputes in a friendly way in order to maintain the sanctity of society.

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