Port Isaac and Padstow Tie for Best Fish Restaurants in Square Meal’s UK Top 100

Port Isaac and Padstow Tie for Best Fish Restaurants in Square Meal’s UK Top 100

Port Isaac and Padstow have been acclaimed as the top 2 fish restaurants in SquareMeal’s Top 100 in the UK. Padstow also seized the title of the town with the most restaurants on the list. Across Cornwall, Padstow had 6 restaurants in the top 100.

The Top 100 restaurants ranked by SquareMeal is pretty unique as it excludes restaurants in London, paving the way for the rest of the region’s dining scene to shine. SquareMeal gathers the list annually, and the final list is based on the votes from thousands of participants in their yearly survey. The results are moderated by the editor of SquareMeal Ben McCormack along with his nationwide affiliated reviewers.

According to McCormack, “SquareMeal’s UK Top 100 is gratifying proof that opportunities to eat well now exist across the country.

10 years past, the list would’ve been dominated by country-house hotels and gastropubs. Today, the flourishing restaurant scene in Cornwall only goes to show that the west country is becoming a forerunner in the food domain. UK diners are always privileged to have a myriad of food options across the region.

The big winner is Nathan Outlaw with his 2-Michelin-starred flagship ranking 8th best restaurant in the country. His Outlaw Fish Kitchen is also part of the top 30. Padstow got the Prawn on the Lawn’s combo of the classic fishmongers with trendy seafood bar along with the original Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant. If you are not into fish, there’s this Michelin-starred option which is Paul Ainsworth ranking 6th and located just a couple of streets away.

In Cornwall, April Bloomfiled and Tom Adams’ farm in Lewannick was featured at no. 35 in SquareMeal’s top 100 list.

Visit SquareMeal.co.uk to view the full list and get ready to explore the numerous options you’ve got.

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