Nathan Outlaw Celebrity Chef from Cornwall Picks his Top Three Fish

Nathan Outlaw Celebrity Chef from Cornwall Picks his Top Three Fish

Nathan Outlaw is the owner of Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Port Isaac, the only seafood restaurant known in the United Kingdom. He solely focuses on seafood and nothing else.

Outlaw has listed three different types of fish which, according to him, are a little bit more adventurous but sustainable for a meal. He outlined them as follows:


Outlaw says that the cuttlefish is sustainable but comes at a very decent price. You can use cuttlefish as the base for shepherd’s pie or lasagne. However, he mentions that if you use it as a base, you need to braise it for one and a half hour in a sauce of your choice.

The cuttlefish can either be cooked quickly in 10 seconds or cooked in a stew for a more extended period. Whichever way you choose, Outlaw thinks that it is no doubt a delicious fish.

However, he advises you to let your fishmonger do the prepping because it can be a messy affair.


Outlaw seems to have a special love for mackerel. He calls it the ultimate fish; it is a very versatile fish that you can either eat it raw like sushi (as long as you can acquire it fresh), pan fry it, or grill the fillets. Regardless of how you want to cook it, it is an excellent type of fish either way.


For people who live in the inlands, Outlaw suggests the hake as the best option to buy if you are looking for sustainability. It is also a second option for people who love haddocks and cods.

These three are the top three fish celebrity chef Nathan Outlaw thinks you should try cooking or eating. You can learn more from him in his guide book, Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, published by Bloomsbury Absolute. It is available at 45 pounds.

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