Mom Slams Ham Salad at Devon Hospital For Not Looking Like What Boris Served

Mom Slams Ham Salad at Devon Hospital For Not Looking Like What Boris Served
Derek Harper/geograph

50-year-old Shirley Maldini wanted to have a taste of the same ham salad Boris Johnson served on TV. She saw on the news that a hospital patient was served a delicious looking meal by Boris Johnson during his visit at Torbay Hospital in Devon.

Boris Johnson recently spent some time in Devon hospital, and in his visit he served a salad to one of the patients.

Maldini, a mother of one, was scheduled to be admitted to the same hospital the following day near Torquay. She asked for the salad but became very upset when it was presented to her, because it looked “inferior” compared to the one she saw on TV served by BoJo.

Maldini said, she saw the very appetizing look of the ham salad. It was laid out very nicely, and she really wanted a change from the usual shepherd’s pie.

When the plate arrived, she was extremely shocked, because it looked nothing like the salad Boris served on TV. She said it tasted OK with its handful of lettuce, a few bits of cucumber, and a few bits of tomato. The only issue was a disappointing presentation.

She complained but was told that the salad Boris served was engineered to look beautiful, and everyone else was served “the duff ones.”

It was said that the salad meal served out by the Prime Minister during his Torbay Hospital visit was a “typical high-quality example” on how they usually present their salads to their patients. Patients are encouraged to give feedback on their catering, and they make sure to relay the information to their Feedback and Engagement Team including their catering staff. They also make sure to serve healthy meals that their patients need to meet their nutritional needs.

In the end, Maldini was satisfied with the taste of her ham salad but could not say the same thing to the presentation.

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