Hundred-Year-Old Pub Tries Again

Hundred-Year-Old Pub Tries Again
Ruth Sharville/Geograph

In 1855, Isambard Kingdom Brunei built Treby Arms. The reason was to serve the people working on constructing the railway line connecting Devon and Cornwall and the Royal Albert Bridge. The pub is so old that it witnessed many first of Sparkwell Village, which is located just on the outskirts of Plymouth. Among the things it saw was electricity. It was also passed on to one landlord and landlady to the other, and most of all, it lived through having been closed and reopened multiple times. One of the longest closures it experienced was the one right before it reopened in 2011, right when it got a Michelin star. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long. The pub once again went downhill shortly after the head chef left the business. That is not for lack of trying, though. Treby Arms still tried to operate without its head chef before finally giving up.

Now, the pub will face another try with a brand new landlord, 32-year-old Matt Littlechild. Matt is no beginner in the food industry. One of his earlier achievements is his first-ever pub in Dartmouth, the Cherub, which he opened when he was only 19 years old.

In an interview, he narrated how he was a chef first when the manager of the pub he was working in left. He only helped out a couple of weeks before he landed the managerial position. Shortly after that, he was promoted to area manager.

He also worked in Marstons Brewery, On the Green, and Morley Arms. He resigned from Morley Arms to take on more responsibilities and try new things.

He said that there were still people expecting to see the Michelin dining experience, and that might be the biggest challenge. He would have to explain to people how it’s now both a pub and restaurant, serving dishes from both sides. Fortunately, the opening of the pub was great and it was welcomed by the people well.

Right now, the pub is open for six days a week, but Matt said that he would try to make it seven days a week.

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