How Bristol Reacted to the News of the Llandoger Trow’s Closure

How Bristol Reacted to the News of the Llandoger Trow’s Closure

Llandoger Trow can be found in Bristol, south-west of England. It is a Bristol City Council-owned historic public house that dates back from 1664. This place is an inspiration for the Admiral Benbow pub in Treasure Island. Closures are hard to take and painful, for the patrons of this pub, the news of closure of the said pub is definitely heartbreaking.

Even though the place is past its prime due to lack of staff and poor quality of food, the public’s outcry shows that this place will be greatly missed.

A lot of people has something to say, most of them wish that it will still be open, and most of these people have taken their thoughts to social media. Some people fear that JD Wetherspoon might take the place; some think that it will be a good thing if Whetherspoon takes over the place because the company can improve the place. There are also some who said they don’t mind who will take the place as long as the pub is kept open and give it a Tender Loving Care (TLC). Some people wish for the place to be preserved as it was a great part of Bristol’s history.

Bristol City Council said that Whitbread, which is set to open a steakhouse on April, next door to Llandoger Trow, is leasing the place on a long-term, and it may help in marketing the place. Whitbread also said that the place is being marketed so people have assurance. Some people even went as far as launching a campaign to guard and save the pub.

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