Instagram Stardom for a 57-year-old Gloucestershire Woman

Instagram Stardom for a 57-year-old Gloucestershire Woman

A fun affair for a daughter and mother has turned a 57-year-old woman into a social media star. The gorgeous woman was copying Instagram posts of her 20-year-old daughter to pass time.

Kesha Grimes has gathered over 17000 fans after her posts attracted fans from all over the UK.

Grimes from Gloucestershire posts photos wearing tight outfits that make her look nothing like a 57-year-old woman.

The mother of two also has a YouTube channel, which she, at times, runs with her daughter Misha. They discuss everything from fashion, anti-ageing secrets, sex, and pornography.

Her strong online following has earned her a brand ambassador position at PrettyLittle Thing, which is an online retailer. She is now the oldest ambassador for the online fashion giant which is also in business with popular stars like Khloe Kardashian and Ashley Graham.

Grimes says that fashion is ageless despite constantly receiving criticism from women telling her she should not be wearing those type of clothes at her age.

She creates contents such as hilarious videos, outfit swap videos, and trying out matching outfits with Misha, making it a great bonding time for both.

Misha, who has over 90,000 Instagram followers, says that her mother is not the ordinary 57-year-old Mumma but for the right reasons.

Grimes says that there is a societal perception that makes women seem like they are on the top shelf gathering dust waiting for the free bus drive to entitlement. She was motivated by the middle-aged women who are still receiving airtime and decided to get rid of the crocs and put on the heels.

She swapped the old fashion to a completely new one. You will see her rocking in skimpy camisoles, bikinis, even ripped jeans challenging the notion of what older women should wear. She says that no one should tell people what to wear and

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