Wiltshire Council to amend budget approval for free bank holiday parking in Wiltshire


Wiltshire residents may enjoy free bank holiday parking soon if the Wiltshire Council amends the budget approval for free parking. The councilor expressed that instead of only having Sundays, free parking should also be extended for bank holidays.

£60k from the £12m council reserves can be used to cover the revenue lost from the free bank holiday parking, according to Gavin Grant.

However, this budget will only cover one year of free parking. There should be another budget proposal for the following years for it to be imposed.

This has received a lot of criticism from other councilors who are concerned about the pot reserves, as it cannot be used regularly to cover the parking fees. There should be another source of income for this project.

One North Wiltshire’s councilor, Gavin Grant, agrees that there should be other sources of the budget. He promised to look into it and see if it is possible to reintroduce the free bank holiday parking in the future years.

Although a number of councilors don’t fully agree with this bid, a full council meeting is set on February 26. They are to study the benefits of this amendment to Wiltshire and debate regarding the said issue.


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