Wiltshire Business Awards Celebrates Its 25th Year Anniversary

Wiltshire Business Awards Celebrates Its 25th Year Anniversary
Meet the judges buisness of the year. Pic - gv.Date 27/2/19.Pic by Dave Cox.credits to: https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/17463353.businesses-meet-ahead-of-judging-for-awards/#gallery21

The Wiltshire Business Awards developed by Newsquest Wiltshire celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. In hopes of meeting the sponsors and the judges in this competition, the contenders had the chance to attend the gathering at a special reception last Tuesday night.

This activity assesses different entrepreneurial industries that showcase the high standard of business in the division while it fosters the entrepreneurial spirit and acknowledges the importance of the other sized enterprises.

One of the judges in the Business of the Year Award is one of the UK’s legal firms – Kate Westbrook from Thrings. She describes this year’s participants as strong particularly in the field of technology. She also shares her thoughts on the importance of this event to acknowledge not only the strengths of the industry in Swindon and Wiltshire but also the entrants themselves. It is an opportunity to gather their teams and appreciate their achievements.

Howard Groff from the circuit board company NCAB officially participates in this year’s competition.

A total of ten different categories are judged by sponsors, including NatWest, BBC Wiltshire, and C3 Marketing. The judging begins on March 11, and the announcement of winners will be on May 10 at Center Parcs.

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