Why a legendary Exeter pet shop is closing after 53 years


The oldest pet shop in Exeter will cull its services in December after 53 years, Janice Buckland, owner of the shop, has said. According to Janie, she took the decision to close down Exeter Pet and Garden following the death of her husband last year.

The legendary store opened in 1963 with a specialisation in traditional pet supplies and animals. David Buckland and his wife Janice managed the store together for 34 years before David’s death in 2017.

“Sadly, the time is now right to close the shop,” Janice, 64, said.

“It’s been a wonderful experience and I will miss it.

“Being able to work alongside animals every day has been such a joy and the customers have been brilliant.

“I’ve seen third and fourth generations of families come in here over the years.

“There have been so many happy people.”

A 10 percent sale is now under way with the shop closing for the final time on December 24.

Mrs. Buckland said despite the decision, she will spend her time attending to animals.

“It will be the first Christmas Day where I don’t have to come down to the shop first thing to feed the birds,” she added.

“Then I would come back in the afternoon to feed them again.

“But I love animals and I will be taking the macaws home with me.

“There’s been competition from other shops over the years but we’ve seen them come and then seen them go again.

“People now shop in a very different way, so much more is done online.

“And Sidwell Street has changed an awful lot over the years.

“There are a lot less independent shops but I suppose that’s just the way things go.”



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