Torquey’s Century Old Historic Piece Sold Off Finally

Nicole Mayne / RealEstate

A century-old historic house and lot located in 33 The Esplanade of Hayden, Torquay was finally sold off to its new owners.

Holding the property for more than 70 years already, the previous family owners were finally able to relinquish their rights after many prospects showed interest in buying the said property.

Interest was at high stake, especially when the coronavirus pandemic arose globally. The auction that started initially was held off, and the property was instead offered directly to interested prospects.

Not only did 33 The Esplanade attracted locals, but word about its preserved beauty traveled even overseas. In fact, 33 The Esplanade sparked the interest of an Australian expatriate who is a Singapore resident.

33 The Esplanade is widely known for its high profile location. Despite not being located near the beachfront nor having a beach view, the historic old house still draws interest from tourists and locals who traverse the long driveway originating from the beachfront. Curiosity awakens anyone as the long driveway leads open to the facade of a historic house at the end.

The property has 4 bedrooms and stood on a private garden with lavish greens and flora. It has 2 living areas that have a wood fireplace. It is well hidden from plain view, so the new owner surely enjoys the privacy of the property.

The 1,132 square meters real estate was sold by real estate agent Ben Smith to a local buyer for a little more than 2 million US dollars. The property was originally listed in the market for around 2.5 million US dollars.

This sale made Hayden, Torquay residents elated since the property’s ownership remained with the locals. Additionally, the house shall be preserved in its original design, as the new owner plans to retain the house as it is. This sale trumped against other prospects who expressly shared intentions to renovate and develop the property.



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