“The Office” Envisions to Bring Back Truro Night Life

Nigel Mykura/ https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/5115103

If it were up to Warwick Royden, Truro’s clubbing scene is in need of a remake. Royden is the new owner of one of the city’s remaining night clubs, The Office, and is determined to claim back its glory days.

Royden believes that by bringing back quality clubbing to Truro, the city will become a vibrant venue for evening entertainment and activities.

At 25 years old, the young club owner is certain that giving people a reason to come back to the city will also positively impact the surrounding businesses and services. He was quoted as saying that a lot of people want to go out but have had no reason to in recent times. Thus, Royden believes that what Truro needs is a good push in the right direction. He is determined to be the fresh blood that the city needs through his new nightclub.

The Office is an old establishment that went by several names in the past: Secrets, Eclipse and The Lido. Royden purchased it under its current name from its previous order, Mandy Hoare, who also runs another establishment close by.

The overhauls at The Office included a change of interiors, a new shots bar, different lighting, and repositioning the layouts such as the DJ booth.

Along with introducing The Office’s new club manager, Stewart Barker, Royden also promised a whole range of drinks at cheaper prices to thwart off misconceptions that nightclubbing is expensive. “That’s just not the case,” he said.

Affordable drinks are not the only changes residents of Truro can expect. The changes Royden is making to the club is also a change in the club scene of Truro. Among the ways that The Office will “kick up the ass,” as he likes to call them, is cheaper transport by arranging coach trips. The operating days are another thing that will differ from the past such as moving the opening to Fridays instead of years of doing it only on Saturdays.

Royden’s strategies are showing successful results as The Office’s opening night was well received with 300 clubbers enjoying the night. It was recorded to be the club’s busiest night in its history.

The proud owner attributes his ideas and savvies to his own experience in running successful businesses in the entertainment sector. “Our aim is to be the best nightclub in Cornwall,” he said.


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