Start-ups in Bournemouth to enjoy talent influx from other cities


Yaz El Hakim who is the Director of Learning Experience at Kortext is one of those who believe that Bournemouth is already blessed with “phenomenal talent” but is likely to receive even more talented people.

He was reported to have mentioned this at a recent Startup Grind meeting. He said, “There’s some phenomenal talent right here in Bournemouth. I’ve been amazed at the quality of the talent but also the impact they have had on our business.”

With many people looking to leave the big cities like London and seek a more remote and slower-paced lifestyle, Mr Hakim says he can foresee that Bournemouth is set to become even richer in people and talent capital.

Mr Hakim joined Kortext (Uk’s leading platform for e-textbook learning experience for universities) in 2016 as the 33rd employee and he reflects that in 2018, the company has grown to about 90 employees.

Co-director of Startup Grind (Bournemouth chapter) and online retail specialist at Media Lounge, Marcus Wincott agrees with Yaz El Hakim. He said at the meeting; “We’ve partnered with some brilliant, like-minded organisations like Silicon South and have a new venue at Media Lounge in the heart of Landsdowne.

“With a full content schedule taking shape, we’re excited about the future of the community and have committed to putting on an event every month to help educate, connect and inspire local start-ups and entrepreneurs.”

Mr Hakim advised start-up businesses to focus on initiatives and ideas that improve the user experience of their customers.



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