“Rain, Rain Go Away” But Not With My Birthday Party

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Birthday is always anticipated by many to celebrate additional years of existence. Excitement of kids for this day radiates to anyone that sees them. During their birthdays, they spend time with their family and friends and are given the gifts they wished to have. A party with good food, colourful decorations, fun games, and delicious cakes makes them even happier. However, everything won’t always go as planned.

A children’s party was fully paid and booked for kids aged eleven and eight by their parent named Danielle Burnett. The party was booked at Planet Gamer that offers gaming experience and hosts eSports competitions.

Her kids invited a total of ten friends to celebrate with them. They are enthusiastic about experiencing a birthday party on Planet Gamer.

Unfortunately, the excitement was immediately replaced by disappointment when they arrived on a rainy Saturday at the Planet Gamer only to find that the place was closed and totally abandoned by the operators.

They chose the Newquay Trampoline Centre to be the venue for the birthday celebration but two of their kids’ friends’ already went home. The kids still have a good time despite not being able to celebrate at the Planet Gamer.

In a statement, Danielle Burnett expressed her frustration with Planet Gamer. Her main concern is the money wasted for the birthday celebration. She is worried that Planet Gamer was closed and there will be no refund for them. She was also disappointed since none of its operators inform them that it was already closed. They should have done that to kids that are about to celebrate their birthday.

Danielle is still waiting for the response of the Planet Gamer about the incident before complaining to the Cornwall live. However, there is no response from Planet Gamer yet.


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