The Authorities Give Live Updates Following The Car Accident In Camborne

The Authorities Give Live Updates Following The Car Accident In Camborne

There have been some road closures in Camborne, following the car accident that took place 13th November, 2019, around 12:50pm.
Paramedics and police are investigating the scene, and providing updates as quickly as possible.

By 14:08, SWASFT spokesman informed the public about the accident. He explained that several resources were sent to the area, including an air ambulance, which landed at the curb, close to the Tyacks around 13:50. A male was identified and treated by the paramedics. He was then taken to the hospital via the land ambulance.

Around 14:25, the area of the accident had been mapped out. Tyacks Hotel area is affected and closed off, as the accident took place in front of the hotel.

By 15:39, the area were the accident occurred had been cleared, and the residents affected were informed that that traffic is slowly reducing and returning to its usual pace.

The car accident occurred in the town centre in Camborne city, near Gurneys Lane. Two vehicles were involved, and one accidentally collided with a property.

The Commercial Street was one of the places that have been experiencing very slow movement and heavy traffic due to the closure of some of the roads.

A spokesman from the Cornwall and Devon’s police went through the events, so the public will be adequately informed.

The emergency services were notified almost immediately after the accident occurred.

As of the moment, the details concerning injuries of the participants involved is not yet available, as paramedics and the police are still very busy working on the scene.

The roads blocked at the moment include the Basset Street as well as the road leading to the Church Street. Currently, Trelowarren Street only goes one-way.

All updates are being given live.

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