Royal Cornwall Hospital Is Facing Intense Pressure Amidst October Midterm


A black alert has been declared in Royal Cornwall Hospital earlier today. However, the hospital is urging patients to still use the emergency unit just in case you have a life-threating condition. Dr. John Garman, who is an NHS Kernow governing board member and a family GP, noted that the Cornwall health care system has been experiencing pressure. 

Employees working in care homes, adult social care, NHS, and voluntary care centers were doing their best to ensure that every patient had been taken care of. He further urged the public to continue assisting them as they have always done by ensuring that they have collected their relatives immediately after they were released from the hospital. He noted that collecting patients once they are released from the hospital, and using the emergency unit, will assist in reducing pressure in the hospital. He further thanked the public for their continued support.

The following are various techniques to help yourself in case you become ill while you are on holiday.


  • For self-care, one should have a few items in the medicine cabinet. This can save you a lot in case you become ill. These items include antiseptic cream, paracetamol, indigestion tablets, and bandage.
  • For those on repeat medication, they should make sure that they have ordered and collected the medicine on time. They should also ensure that they are in close communication with the GP.
  • Lastly, one should speak to his pharmacist or a qualified expert on various over-the-counter medicines meant to treat multiple diseases such as water infections, allergies, stomach upsets, skin conditions, coughs, colds, and nappy rash. You can also arrange for an urgent supply of medicine just in case you need it. These services are always available for people that are visiting a family, or they are on holiday.


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