Exeter City Council Approves Housing Plans


Exeter City Council’s planning committee has approved details of the construction of 440 new homes on two city sites. 380 of the proposed homes will be constructed on the same location where the Pinhoe Quarry was at Harrington Lane. The other 60 homes will be constructed where St. Luke’s School formerly stood at the Ringswell Avenue.

The committee gave the final approval on Monday night following meetings. The committee had already approved the outline permission and has now settled on the design and details of the project. The applicants for the project are Galliford Try and LiveWest. They were represented by their planning agent, Russell Smith, at the committee meetings.

In addition to homes, the Pinhoe site will also include retail and community space. The planners have proposed numerous green spaces, including the main lawn and several wildflower meadows that will all be open to the public. They have also designated adequate play areas for children.

The Pinhoe site will truly be an incredible place to live in, especially for those who enjoy being outdoors. Mr. Smith let the committee know that pedestrian and cycle routes that go around the entire development will be constructed as well.

At the former St. Luke’s School site, the 60 homes being constructed will be accessed through Ringswell Avenue as well as Ribston Avenue. The initial plan presented by LiveWest included 48 homes that include single access. The committee raised concerns about the plan, and it was revised to include 60 homes and the second point of access.

21 of the 60 homes have been classified as affordable and will not feature the standard four bedrooms. It is not clear how large these homes will be, but the idea of affordable housing was well received by the councilors. The planning committee has yet to reveal when the project will kick off and how long it is expected to take.


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