Developments Ongoing on Retirement Properties Replacing Former Quantock House

Developments Ongoing on Retirement Properties Replacing Former Quantock House
Nick Chipchase/Geograph

Retirement facilities or extra care apartments will soon rise in place of the old Quantock House along Paul Street in Taunton Town Centre. This development was confirmed when clearing works started on the site.

The Quantock House used to be a 1960s building seven storeys high. Located in the town’s commercial district, it housed various offices including DEFRA and the Valuation Office. After these agencies moved out, the building was acquired in 2015 by the Quantum Group, an investment and property development firm based in Bournemouth.

It was only this year that the Taunton Deane Borough Council approved the proposal for site development, granting permission for demolition to make way for a new structure. The Taunton community will soon welcome a modern centre for retirees and the ageing.

The envisioned nine-storey retirees home boasts of facilities fit for extra care. Developments include communal bedrooms with kitchens, laundry rooms, offices for staff, and rooms suitable for conferences, meetings, and training. To complete the home, a treatment centre and nurses’ station are included in anticipation of extra care services that future residents will need.

There will also be 58 units designated as extra care living apartments with choices for one, two, or three bedrooms and guests suites should residents of the home have visiting guests or family.

For added convenience, retail shops and establishments will be housed on the ground floor, making it easier for residents to fulfil their needs or dine out. Finally, in consideration of the retirees’ needs, private terraces and gardens are part of the development once the new building starts construction.

The plans have all been given the green light by the Taunton Deane Borough Council as it progressively shapes up into the extra care apartments. Seeing that the former Quantock House was a familiar sight in the Taunton skyline and in the vicinity of the town centre, the old building had to be taken down in phases. Parts of the building were torn down chunks at a time to ensure the safety of all around.

Despite bringing down the old Quantock House in parts, the project is still in line with the time frame. The new retirement properties should be completed within the year to add to the investment portfolio of Taunton and Somerset.

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