Motivated Workforce Makes the Most

Motivated Workforce Makes the Most
Stacey Harris/Wikimedia Commons

Motivation can be classified as intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation comes from the inner thoughts, ideals, and self-fulfillment of a person while extrinsic motivation deals with the rewards obtained after tasks or goals are achieved with flying colours. Motivating workers aims to enhance work output. Intrinsic or extrinsic, the important thing is that it changes the work environment to a better one.

A firm in Bristol extrinsically motivated its workforce by means of introducing a new policy. The firm named ISL Recruitment which is located on Baldwin Street reduced the usual five working days in a week into four and a half-day. It is only applicable if the workforce achieves its target.

For the past three months since the implementation of this policy, the firm said that its income increased. They acknowledged the new policy as the reason for this increase.

The firm’s revenue has risen by 41% while the clients’ hiring has risen to 38%.

The director of ISL firm, Alan Furley, said in an interview that the success of the incentive is a bit shocking.

A clear statement of the short term goal made every staff work well. The workers knew that they can improve their work on Tuesdays and immediately see the rewards after a few days. This seems to be better than waiting to see the reward in their paycheques after months.

Alan Furley added that positivity goes throughout the atmosphere of the office. Workers now check on one another with great willingness to help.

The workers of the firm spend their Friday offs in recreational activities like golfing, walking around, or going to the pub. Some of them use the time to rest and relax. Some workers spend their off to fulfill their parenting tasks and fetch their children from school.

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