More trouble ahead as Somerset villagers win first battle against 50 home developments


The battle has just begun after the villagers of Somerset have won the first battle against the building of 50 new homes. The Merriott residents joined forces with their district councillor to oppose the proposals for a new housing development on green land, south of Church Street.

The application by Merriot LVA LLP for outline planning permission shows that the homes would be built near the First School, at the northern end of the village.

The plans were rejected by the committee by a margin of five to four with the idea that it is an unsuitable development in an unsuitable location.

On the evening of October 17, a council committee narrowly voted against their own planning committee to turn down the plans. It is still possible, however, for another committee within the same council to approve the proposals when it meets next month.

Andrew Gunn, the planning officer, on the evening of Wednesday, October 17, said that 142 homes had been granted permission or built within the last few years in Merriot, and if the current proposals are approved, would make 192.

According to Paul Fisher, a resident in the area, a maximum of 38 homes can be safely taken in the area if developed. He also stated that it is the people’s responsibility to take care of the long-term future of Merriott. Councillor Paul Maxwell said that the local landscape would be destroyed if the proposals are approved.

The public are welcome to attend the meeting of the regulation committee on November 20, in Yeovil, as the plans would be discussed afresh.


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