Car Sales Continue To Plummet This Quarter In The South Of England


The British economy has taken a notable strain over the past seven years and during the on-going drop in car sales and as a result, the service sector has been battling to make a come back as a result of the impending Brexit uncertainty in Somerset, England. While there has been speculation surrounding the reasons behind the sudden drastic drop in car sales in the UK, with some even suggesting that the global warming crisis could also be the reason for the catastrophic decline in the general demand for diesel. The nationwide concern has left many wondering whether or not now is the right time to purchase a new vehicle.

As car sales continue to fall, recent news disclosed the daunting fact that sales have plunged a shocking total of 4.1% in the UK since this time last year, which is the weakest the industry has been since 2012. Logically, it is hardly the only one concerning factor that has resulted in the continuous sales drop as financial uncertainty as both the Brexit and concerns of the UK economic stability name only a couple of impacting factors. Many potential buyers may also be anticipating what happens post-Brexit.

Despite the plummet in car sales, statistics indicate that sales of diesel and petrol vehicles have dropped drastically while there has actually been a general increase in sales of eco-friendly vehicles.

Leasing A New Car

However, if the concerns of purchasing a new vehicle feel somewhat overwhelming with speculations of potential restrictions and bans on environmentally damaging vehicles such as diesel cars, it is notable that potential buyers may find solace within the option of leasing vehicles instead. You can check here – to find the best deals.

If you are wondering what the best cars are to consider for your senior employees, here are a few top-rated options to consider.

Luxury And Elegance

Jaguar is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious brands around, and the Jaguar XF boasts a most charming appeal that maintains the image of the brand exceptionally well. As Jaguar sales have increased a total of 12.58% in July, it is no wonder the newest model comes with an incredibly pleasing customer rating.

Style And Comfort

Range Rover’s luxury SUV has been rated a top choice by consumers as Land Rover sales have increased 8.07% since July 2019. The cosmetic upgrade seen on the newest Range Rover models are admittedly impressive and considering the manufacturers have exceptionally excellent customer feedback as undeniably reliable cars, Range Rover would be a top choice for drivers after both style and comfort.

Bentley Sales Continue To Decline

Bentley may be an incredibly well known British brand, although, considering sales have declined a staggering 37.40% in July, competing brands may have swayed consumer habits effectively. Even though these vehicles have excellent ratings as quality, the steep price tag on new models may be behind the drastic drop in sales.


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