Man Sued for Unpaid Hotel Bills in Bridgwater

Man Sued for Unpaid Hotel Bills in Bridgwater
Steven Salter/Bridgwater Mercury News

Hotels in Bridgwater took the first step up on communicating with other hotels located in Shepton Mallet and Highbridge against a man who allegedly checked out without paying his bills.

The man who was named Damien John Evans, aged 38, was originally a resident of Fielding Path in Glastonbury.

On July 11 of last year, he was charged a bill of no more than £600 at The Grange Hotel for the room he stayed at and the meals he consumed. He allegedly didn’t get to check out and avoided paying the bill.

Not long after that, another incident happened, involving the same man, at The Coombe House where he was charged £201.75. He did the same thing – avoided paying and went straight out of the hotel. By July 23, he also made the same offense at The Oakhill Inn.

After the news about this man was publicised, these hotels pleaded the Taunton Crown Court and sued Damien John Evans just this year.

The defendant is expected to attend a trial on February 3, 2020. According to the Plaintiff’s legal staff, probable arguments that he may use as a plea are psychological impairment and mental disabilities.

The hotels are standing firm on this trial and are having no room for negotiations. The Grange Hotel’s Spokesperson stated at a press conference that this man has come in and out their premises without paying his debt of over £3,000. Even though the money is not that of a big deal for 5-star hotels, they claim that this kind of offense is a great insult and a security threat.

The case is currently under investigation and CCTVs around the area and inside the premises of the aforementioned hotels are also being under forensic analysis. Once proclaimed guilty of the charges, Damien John Evans may have to bail himself for £20,000 or a 2-year stay in prison.

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