Illuminated Reindeers to Brighten Truro

Illuminated Reindeers to Brighten Truro

More than 70 illuminated reindeers will brighten Truro city as a result of funding from Truro Town Deal and Truro BID. This initiative will run under the accelerated fund which will part away with £750,000.

The Town Fund seeks to regenerate the economy of the cities and give them a chance to bid for other additional investment of up to £25 million. Truro has the chance to contest for this investment and make various developments.

Simon Hendra, a member of the Truro Town Deal Board, applauded the reindeer project and said that it reflected the light that the Government’s Town Fund was shining on the city through the investment project. He said that it would brighten and boost various businesses and shops within the town during the festive Christmas season.

The Truro BID Manager, Alun Jones, noted that they were happy to receive the award and use it in lighting up the city. He said that the illuminated reindeers would be a great attraction to the little city since all age groups love reindeers, especially during the festive season.

Jones noted that since most of the reindeers will be installed in most businesses’ ground floor premises, customers and visitors can do window shopping while admiring their beauty.

This project is the City’s Christmas Light Scheme in conjunction with the Truro cathedral model on Trafalgar roundabout. Other contributions will be donations from Lionel and his wife Carol Knight and Truro businesses’ levy contributions.

The city Christmas lights will continue to illuminate the city for twelve nights until January 5, 2021. The reindeers will be loaned to businesses through the Truro BID and later collected for future use during other festivities and holidays.

Business owners in Truro that wish to install the illuminated reindeers on their premises can do so by contacting [email protected]

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