Hawkins Arms, a historic pub in Probus, set to reopen this Sept. 20

Hawkins Arms, a historic pub in Probus, set to reopen this Sept. 20
Rod Allday/Geograph

Hawkin Arms, a well-known pub in Probus, is set to reopen its doors to locals this September 20, Friday. The pub, which is now in the hands of new landlords Peter and Anne-Marie Chomiak, have undergone refurbishment before it officially reopens in the next few days.

The pub first opened back in 1758 under the ownership of Sir Christopher Hawkins. 161 years later, the pub was purchased by St. Austell Brewery for £773. Though the pub’s name still has the coat of arms by the Hawkins family and the Trewithen Estate, the pub has actually been through many ownerships – ten of which are from St. Austell Brewery between 1865 and 1919.

In fact, Henry Pollard’s name is still present above the pub’s front door.

According to Peter Chomiak, the pub has seen a lot of history. The place where it’s located is considered the main route between Truro and St. Austell for several years, even dating back to pre-Norman times.

Along with his wife, Peter is really excited to reopen the pub and welcome the locals, meet new friends, and be part of a new family come September 20.

St. Austell Brewery’s Nick Mayor is pleased to welcome the Chomiaks to their family and is pleased to see that they’re taking on a pub which became a part of the brewery for a century already.

He added that they’re very proud of their heritage and have always collaborated with their tenants to make sure that the pub can turn out to be quite a huge success.

There are a total of three pubs which are going to celebrate their 100th anniversary as part of the St. Austell Brewery. Hawkin Arms is one of them, and the other two are the Sawles Arms located in Cathew and the Queens Head in St. Stephen.

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