Grosvenor Hotel’s Future May Be Decided by Next Month


Bristol City Council sets to make a formal decision on plans concerning Grosvenor Hotel by next month.

Since the 1990s, the building has become an eyesore, standing derelict in a space that has now become a major development area for the council. Collaborating with Skanska UK Ltd, the proposed plan is to demolish the building to create space for a multi-million pound renovation of the close by George and Railway Hotel.

A spokeswoman from the council says, “The council and its partners are committed to the regeneration of the Temple Quarter district, with the aim of delivering thousands of new homes and jobs for local people. We have no interest in seeing a building in this key gateway location lie derelict.”

There have been many levels of objection to the destruction of the hotel, especially from its owner, Earlcloud Ltd. In March, the director was present at a council meeting to oppose the proposition of dismantling his building without given consent. His lawyers mentioned his objection, claiming that he had been excluded from ongoing discussions about the hotel.

Regardless of the disagreement from its owner and other councillors, it was unanimously voted to proceed with the plans. By November, dialogue over the future of the hotel will continue, with a paper presented at the cabinet calling for a formal decision.

Located at Temple Quarter near the Temple Meads train station, the Grosvenor hotel has been deteriorating in the middle of a decade of disagreements, company changes, and allegations of fraud.

The council urges anyone with complaints to contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.


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