From selling classic football boots online to football stars’ supplier

From selling classic football boots online to football stars’ supplier
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Cam Sangster, 19, and Jake Self, 20, shared their experience upon selling classic football boots. Looking back to how they started, Cam and Jake could not believe how far they are now. They shared that they started their business three years ago using reward money. They started selling it in their bedroom.

As their business became well-known, they are now supplying football boots to the world’s top players with clients including Alexander Lacazette, Mason Mount, Xavi, and Phil Foden.

These two young adults did not fully expect their luck in business. Jake Self, from Devon, and Cam Sangster, from Newton Abbot, pursued their business. They reminisce about the first pair that they were able to sell online. It was a pair of classic boots which cost £100, but they managed to sell it for £170 on Instagram.

Their first sold pair was really unforgettable after their very first customer they sold it to asked for a money return, and that experience became their foundation to make their business tougher. Now, they can sell up to £600 for a pair of classic football boots.

Cam shared that they only wished to be the supplier of professional footballers. Little did they know that it happened eventually after such difficulties. Now, they are supplying classic football boots to well-known and famous footballers around the world.

They used the internet as their platform in managing and endorsing their business with Instagram and WhatsApp as their main channel. This allowed them to connect to their audience and clients every day. Their business is also now being endorsed by professional footballers.

After everything that happened, Cam and Jake could still not believe they are getting successful compared to three years ago.

They happily shared their journey. However, their source of the classic boots is confidential and remained a secret.

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