Dragon Ball Super debuts on UK TV for Free

Dragon Ball Super debuts on UK TV for Free
Dragon Ball Z is a famous anime series because of Shop DBZ merchandise which aired not only in Japan but also in some parts around the world. Dragon ball follows a story of the main protagonist Son Goku in which he has to make himself stronger by transforming from one form to another called the super saiyan transformation.

Dragon Ball Super aired in the UK

Sony Pictures Television Networks' (SPTN) launched Dragon Ball Super on Pop channel which will be aired for free this coming July 1. The targeted age range of Pop are ages six to nine. Marking the first ever Toei Animation's series that will also be available in UK free TV. The series can also be streamed through SVOD Crunchyroll in UK. The launch of Dragon Ball Super: Broly was followed by a premiere earlier this year. Box Office Mojo mentioned that the film had earned more than 1.4 million in UK. Dragon Ball Super has a duration that lasts 131 x 22-minute per episode, even though it is not clearly announced that it will be available on Pop channel.

The past of the Dragon Ball series

Dragon Ball Super previously signed in Latin America with Cartoon Network in August 2017, and was aired in Australia with ABC ME in November 2018. The series serves as the continuation of the Dragon Ball Z which ended 20 years ago. There were quite a few movies made which depicts side stories and back stories featuring a few of the characters. These movies also became extremely popular especially to the people who followed seriously the timeline of the Dragon ball Z series. Author and producers of these anime meticulously thought very carefully each arc which made this even more famous to the youth which were also choosy when it comes to plot and setting of any anime series.

Who is the new head of SPTN UK network?

The SPTN UK upped Craig Hunter, head of kid's network, replacing Sarah Muller, last week. This action by the SPTN marked the end of Sarah Muller and began the new and more innovative strategies by Mr. Hunter. By making Hunter the head of the network, SPTN's linear channels like Pop, Tiny Pop, Pop Max, AVOD Kid's Platform, and Pop Funcan now air Dragon Ball Super and it will surely create a great impact on its popularity with kids and teenagers alike.

Future of the Dragon Ball series

Sony continues to develop and build its on-demand offerings, which includes partnering with Sony Interactive Entertainment UK. This enables a launching of the Pop App featuring the content of kidsnets in UK. With this application, kids including adults who were long a fan of the previous Dragon Ball Z series can now easily access the new Dragon Ball Super series episodes in their mobile phones or tablet. This is truly an excellent move by sony to promote the series to everyone who does not have access to PC desktop or to those who prefer a portable way of watching movies or series.With all these innovations and actions by the Dragon Ball management and staff, the popularity of the new Dragon Ball Super will surely increase and surely it will become one of the most viewed and watched anime series in the forthcoming years to come.

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