Devon and Cornwall’s 30 Most Innovative and Cutting Edge Businesses

  1. Appy Ventures: art gallery app artists.
  2. Bionica Systems: Torrington based computer guided tool company.
  3. Blinkback: creating videos to tell stories.
  4. Buzz Interactive: delivering cutting edge web and mobile apps.
  5. Chess Dynamics Limited: principal defence and aerospace subsystem supplier.
  6. CNC Design Limited: providing low-cost computer solutions.
  7. Computech IT Services Ltd: winner of the Queen’s award for enterprise.
  8. Dashboard: oil industry innovator.
  9. The Edgeway Group: helping businesses with the cloud.
  10. Eight Wire: design and marketing agency.
  11. Elixel: taking clients on a full project journey.
  12. Expert Insights: helping customers choose the best security products.
  13. Filmily: collaboration app for events.
  14. Helm Squared: delivering e-ticketing services for the SME market.
  15. Hertzian: creating new ways of evaluating customer experience and product quality.
  16. Juice Media Design Ltd: the appliance of applications.
  17. Microtest: NHS software supplier.
  18. Moortec Semiconductor Ltd: increasing reliability and performance.
  19. N9 Design: theatrical success.
  20. Optimus Performance Marketing: driving growth and sales.
  21. Peaky Digital: digital marketing service agency.
  22. Pixalytics Ltd: Earth observation company.
  23. Rowe IT: cloud solutions for organisations.
  24. Shield Media Services: filming from above and below.
  25. Software Solved: Paediatric Care Online app.
  26. Sponge UK: custom digital learning provider.
  27. ToodleBit: practical approach to teaching computing in primary schools.
  28. Triangular Pixels: virtual reality games development company.
  29. Ultramed: at the head of med.
  30. WebBased: creating online platform solutions.


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