Canard Wingsail has launched its first round of crowdfunding along with an invitation to co-marketing

Canard Wingsail has launched its first round of crowdfunding along with an invitation to co-marketing

Shipping had recently caused over 3% of CO2 emission. This led to the solution of regulating marine transportation to reduce pollutants and gas emissions as the Arctic sea ice melt more progressively each year.

The Canard Wingsail, a marine technology startup, offers a ship-assisting device that would be a solution to the climate crisis. This device, pioneered by experienced design engineer and mariner, Robert Vincent, is a globally unique technology that would assist shipping in the future. This wing sail device relies on wind propulsion to lessen the usage of the engine in ships.

“Wingsails can be added retrospectively to engine-driven ships or incorporated into new builds, enabling these ships to use their engines less, thus reducing C02 emissions. Wingsails work like vertical aero plane wings stuck onto ships.”

The company is based in Cornwall, UK and has geared itself for global impact. Canard Wingsail has recently started their first fund-raising.

The funds to be collected are for the preparation of technical data and drawings of the wing sail design. These data and designs would then be analyzed and tested using Computational Fluid Dynamics, which is on the later stage of their Research and Development phase.

As mentioned before, Canard Wingsail has been aiming for an international impact by building a community around the company. This plan includes co-marketing opportunities to aid in stable marketing. This invite extends to all kinds of businesses, especially around sustainable transport and international trading.

The company had recently joined hands with the members of the non-profit organization, International Windship Association (IWSA). The International Wingdshiip Association has been working on bringing the shipping industry to zero CO2 emissions by supporting sail cargo options and wind-assist technologies like wing sails.

Canard Wingsails also planned on announcing Donor events as soon as the Covid19 conditions permitted them.

The company recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover the needed materials and preparations for the proposed product. Join Canard Wingsail on their journey of creating unique, Co2-free wing sail designs by donating to the crowd-funder.






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