Businesses in Cornwall, Newquay Were Only Given Nine Hours of Closure Notice

Businesses in Cornwall, Newquay Were Only Given Nine Hours of Closure Notice
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Cornwall businesses were forced to close within 9 hours, leaving businessmen disappointed. A lot of businessmen across Cornwall were affected by this sudden news as they needed to exit from their New Year’s celebration party within just a few hours of notice because at 12:01 AM, the county declared Tier 3 restriction due to the rising of COVID-19 cases.

Tier 3 restrictions include closing pubs, hotels, and bars across Cornwall.

Thus, instead of enjoying the holidays while searching for guests, employees in Hotel Headland at Cornwall, Newquay have spent the entire New Year’s Eve packing their stuff and canceling their events. Supposedly, there were 250 guests scheduled to be attending the live band event at the hotel, but due to the sudden notice, they had to cancel it.

Also, there were approximately 50 guests who planned to celebrate their New Year’s Eve dinner at the hotel but were requested to go home on the 30th of December.

The food that was meant to be served to the guests was just packed and distributed to Cornwall’s food bank. There were also hotel guests who were given a bunch of beautiful daffodils which were supposed to be used for the hotel’s decoration. The hotel’s employees were hoping that the place could reopen sooner or in February to be able to catch up to 2021’s events.

Newquay’s Headland Hotel admin said they were extremely disappointed and upset most especially when their staff had to undergo this situation. According to Carolyn Armstrong, although it was not as unexpected as it may seem, the nine-hour notice was just too tight for their team to handle.

Despite that, their staffs were well-organised and were able to handle the situation professionally. Armstrong also reported that they were just getting along with it as this has already been the third time it occurred to them.

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