Areas in Somerset with High Potential of Economic Development Named


A consultant named eight areas in Somerset that can potentially grow. This is part of the plan for the town’s economic development.

VHB Providence-based Senior Urban Planner Luke Mitchell named a tract of land that is 120-acre long along Route 6 corridor as the first area, stating that the land was zoned business and limited business. He added that they could see plenty of opportunities there. VHB is the firm tasked in helping the town with updating its master plan.

The second area is the 100 undeveloped and town-owned acres in Wilbur Avenue, which is zoned both commercial and residential. Mitchell suggested that an industrial park might be a good idea there, which can also bring in jobs as well as revenue.

The property along Taunton River was the third one to be named for the potential it has because of the marine industry. Unlike the first three, the fourth area named is already in operation – the 66-acre stretch in Slades Ferry. However, Mitchell said that the area could still be improved in the building facades, landscaping, and signs department.

The fifth area is the previously Montaup Electric power plant. The deepwater port in it is what brought it in the list. The sixth area is the town center. Although it’s already developing because of the businesses in operation there, Mitchell still suggested the same thing he did in the stretch in Slades Ferry – better appearance. Also in the list but in need of improvement in design is Route 138.

The historic area of Dublin, Main, and Pleasant streets is the last in the list of areas with big potential. Although not an area for huge development, Luke Mitchell still said that the town could use it in its branding.

Other areas suggested by town officials are the land on I-195’s both sides and the land between Wilbur Avenue and Route 6.


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