A New Shop with a Difference Has Opened in Clifton


Many people are varying their shopping habits as the emphasis on the harmful impact of single-use plastics have heightened. The number of zero waste shops have also increased, with environment-sensitive people now eager to reduce the amount of needless packaging going into landfill.

Recently, Zero Green opened in Preserve and Bedminster on Gloucester Road. A day after Smaller Footprints opened its doors, another packaging-free shop has been established in the city. Managed by couple Hazel Foster and Grant Mercer, the shop stocks a wide range of nonfood and food items without any packaging whatsoever.

As it is the trend, customers bring their containers and fill them with the quantity of food they need from the Shop’s high-tech ‘ski boot’ tubs and gravity dispensers.

Grant, 31, said he formed the idea of a packaging-free shop after he got frustrated at the amount of unnecessary packaging used in a store last year. According to him, he was in a supermarket last year when he had to choose between “four loose avocados for £4 or two heavily packaged packs of two for £3”.

“That’s when I thought we needed to shop in a different way and join the growing rebellion against single-use packaging, and I’ve been working on Smaller Footprints ever since.

“There have been some challenges along the way, especially finding the right site, but we’re delighted to finally be open and we think this spot in Clifton is perfect,” Grant said in a statement to Bristow Live.



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