Stuart Cowley Finally Releases Screenplay Turned Novella, “Someone in Time”

Stuart Cowley Finally Releases Screenplay Turned Novella, “Someone in Time”
Stuart Cowley/Google Docs

Stuart Cowley, a fresh and promising author, turns a historical screenplay into an interesting fictional novella based on the “Exercise Tiger” – a little-known 1940s tragedy.

The Exercise Tiger was supposed to be just one of America’s large-scale landing rehearsals for the invasion of Normandy in 1944, a time when issues in miscommunication led to the deaths of unsuspecting service people during their “Friendly Fire” exercise.

Set in the coasts of Devon, more or less 749 lives were lost in vain, especially that the deaths were hushed up for the sake of the impending invasion.

What compelled Cowley to write about the Exercise Tiger was his aim to remind readers about the “forgotten dead” and to shed light on what really happened during the tragedy. These themes are all wrapped up in one remarkable piece of literature – his new release: “Someone in Time”.

“Someone in Time” centres on the whereabouts of two friends who decide to become members of the Armoured division. One of the two ties the knot with an English girl, and the newlyweds eventually go missing after the exercise. What really happened to them?

Cowley uses this theme of love to give the story “a little humanity” aside from just going all-out historical. Also, his choice of setting doesn’t only focus on the era of the 1940s; he also inserted present-day Devon to make his storyline more relevant. It’s not bad for someone who continually put off his writing because of his struggle to give his ideas direction.

Luckily, Cowley was able to find inspiration from a radio interview that featured a successful author who also turned a screenplay into a novel. Fuelled by motivation, Cowley was finally able to finish his masterpiece just this July!

Be sure to watch out for “Someone in Time” available on Kindle and paperback from Amazon! Be caught up in an enthralling love story, and be one of those to remember and relive the stories of the “forgotten”.

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